Taxi service and ridesharing at AICM

Taxis MEX airport


Location: Cab stands are located in Terminal 1, at gate 1 in the domestic area and gate 9 and 10 in the international area.

In Terminal 2, the boarding areas are located at gate number 3 in the international area and gate number 4 in the domestic area.

On the other hand, cab tickets are sold in the baggage belt area, ambulatory and in front of the gates in the boarding areas of authorized cabs in both terminals.
Authorized companies
Prho Taxi, Sitio 300, Nueva Imagen, Casadey and Excelencia in Terminal 1; and Prho Taxi, Sitio 300, Nueva Imagen, Excelencia, Confort and Yellow Cab in Terminal 2.
Type of services
There are two modes of service:

Ordinary, in a sedan-type vehicle for 4 passengers, in addition to the operator.
Executive, in vans for 8 passengers, in addition to the operator.
Payment method
A fixed fee is paid in the sales modules of the authorized companies. That is, the driver is not paid. Estimated rates to the historic center (between MXN 250 and 300).

Uber and Cabify

Uber and Cabify are available and at a much cheaper price (between 130 and 170 MXN). In terminal 1, normally the meeting point is at the exit of gate 4, and in terminal 2 on the ground floor, at the exit of gate 2. Anyway, the Uber or Cabify pick-up locations at the airport AICM may be subject to change, so to find your pickup location, always check the app after requesting a vehicle.