Frequently Asked Questions at Benito Juárez Airport

Answers to passenger questions

Preguntas frecuentes aeropuerto ciudad de Mexico


What restrictions related to the Coronavirus are there when arriving at the airport?

There are no entry restrictions for foreign visitors. nor set requirements, such as quarantine or health tests, regardless of your vaccination status and the purpose of your trip.

However, travelers who have symptoms of COVID-19 are subject to requiring further health testing or quarantine.

Regarding the use of masks, it may still be mandatory or suggested in some closed spaces or public transport.

For more details, check with your airline or with the Mexican consulate in your country.

How to get from the airport to the old town (Zócalo)?

There are several transportation options to get to the Zócalo of Mexico City from the Mexico City International Airport (AICM):

The Metro is the cheapest and fastest way to get to the Zócalo. You can take line 5 (yellow) in the direction of Pantitlán (2 stops) and then change to line 1 (pink) in the direction of Observatorio and get off at Pino Suárez (9-station route). From there, the Zócalo station is a 9-minute walk away. Single ticket fee MXN 5.00

On the other hand, the Metrobus is a more comfortable public transport option than the Metro, to reach the historic center and other important points of the city. Although it is more expensive (MXN 30.00) and depending on traffic it can take up to an hour to travel from the airport. It has stops in both T1 and T2. On its route, after passing through the San Lázaro station, the Metrobús Line 4 continues along Eje 2 Oriente and arrives at the Plaza de la República station, where the Monument to the Revolution is located. From there, you can walk towards the historic center and reach the Zócalo in a few minutes.

In turn, at the airport there is an authorized taxi service with a fixed rate according to your destination and that you pay before boarding. If you opt for Uber or Cabify, check the app and agree a pick-up point with the driver.

Where to wait for Uber or Cabify?

In Terminal 1, at the exit of Gate 4, and in Terminal 2 on the ground floor, at the exit of Gate 2. However, Uber or EasyTaxi pick-up locations at AICM airport may be subject to change , so to find your pickup location, always check the app after requesting a vehicle. The rate to the downtown area and colonias (neighborhoods) Condesa, Roma and Polanco ranges between MXN$150 and MXN$180.

Is there free WiFi Internet access?

The CDMX WiFi network service is free and for an unlimited time at AICM in the boarding halls, corridors and food area of ​​T1 and T2. Search for the network with the name “CDMX-Internet para todos”. It also has an Emergency WiFi network (for first aid use in case of disaster).

Where to buy a SIM card?

In T1 Upper Floor you can find the Movistar store (tel +52 800 888 8366) from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Telcel (tel +52 800 710 5687) also in T1, from Monday to Sunday from 09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. Sale of SIM cards and plans.

How to move between terminals?

The airport has two terminals (T1 and T2) open 24 hours, 3 km away and connected by a free Aerotren (exclusively for passengers with a boarding pass and crew, presenting documentation and boarding card) and buses for the general public at a cost of MXN$16 per single trip. See more

What to do in case of a long wait for a connecting flight?

There are many shops and 24-hour duty free, restaurants, bars and cafes (several available 24 hours) in both terminals. In turn, Benito Juarez airport has VIP lounges open 24 hours, both in T1 and T2 and they are a great option for a connected flight, a canceled flight, an early morning check-in or for a breakfast, buffet lunch, snacks, drinks and a relaxed atmosphere for rest or work. In turn, there are capsules of izZzleep on the upper floor of T1 and lower floor of T2, ideal for resting for a few hours or one night. And also hotels: The Hilton Mexico City Airport in T1 and NH Collection Mexico City Airport in T2. On the other hand, the Courtyard by Marriott Mexico City Airport and the Camino Real Aeropuerto are connected to Terminal 1 by pedestrian walkways.

What to do in case of loss of luggage or belongings?

For lost luggage you must contact your airline or go to their counter at the airport. If you lose any belongings inside the terminals, go to the office for forgotten and lost items, in Terminal 1 between gate 4 and gate 5 on the first level, next to the movistar module, tel: 2482-2289 and in Terminal 2 at Ground floor, in the Banks area, tel: 2598-7169. Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 09:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Is there a luggage storage service?

Luggage storage locations operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Rates: MX$150 per locker. They are located in: Terminal 1, in halls A and E2 - Tel: (55) 5802 8467. And, in T2, at gates 3 and 4. Tel: (55) 4313 0259

As an alternative, there are left-luggage services that operate near the airport. Some of them are:




Are there currency exchange and banking services?

There are several currency exchange counters in both terminals, such as Globo Cambio Exchange, Eurodolar, Sarje's, Travelex, etc. Some work 24 hours. 

ATMs: available in both terminals, where you can withdraw Mexican pesos with an international debit or credit card. Some ATMs also allow you to withdraw other foreign currencies.

Banks: There are several banks at the airport and some offer currency exchange services in addition to other banking services. Among the bank branches present in the AICM, we can mention:

BBVA - Terminal 1, near gate 5 and in Terminal 2, near gate 20.   
Banorte - Terminal 1, near gate 7 and in Terminal 2, near gate 23.   
Santander - Terminal 1, near gate 4 and in Terminal 2, near gate 21.

To take into account: both at ATMs and at bank branches, there may be an unfavorable exchange rate and additional commissions. In turn, between exchange houses there may be differences in prices, so it is recommended to compare between the different options, to determine which is the most convenient at the time of carrying out said management.

How to request a tax refund for purchases made?

At the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), there are several companies that offer tax refund services for foreigners, both in Terminals 1 and 2, namely:

  1. Global Blue: The Global Blue office in Terminal 1 is located in the international departures area, after passing security and migration control, near gate 4. While in T2 it is located in the international departures area , after security and migration control, near gate 21.
  2. Premier Tax Free: The Premier Tax Free office in Terminal 1 is located in the international departures area, after security and migration control, near gate 7. In T2, it is located in the departures area international, after security and migration control, near gate 22.
  3. Taxback International: The Taxback International office in Terminal 1 is located in the international departures area, after passing security and migration control, near gate 4. In T2, it is located in the international departures area, after security and migration control, near gate 21.

It is important to note that each company may have different requirements and procedures to refund taxes to foreigners, so it is recommended to check them before making the request.

Are there emergency medical services?

There are medical services available 24 hours a day, both in T1 (near gate 7) and (T2 near gate 7) and all the necessary utensils to provide assistance to passengers, visitors and airport workers, as well as ambulances for their transfer. to the different hospitals of the City. Those responsible for receiving the request and care will be the doctor and nurse on duty.

In the event of a medical emergency at the airport, you should immediately notify airport staff or call the airport emergency number, which is 911, to receive medical assistance as soon as possible.

What facilities and services does the airport offer for special and disabled passengers?

The Benito Juárez airport has access ramps, elevators, pedestrian bands, restrooms, and adapted public telephony, free mini-vehicle transportation inside each terminal for the disabled, elderly, and pregnant women, touch strips at the entrance doors of each terminal, signs in Braille, among other facilities. If you need wheelchairs, they must be requested from the airline in advance of the trip. In turn, during the boarding or disembarking process, preferential service lines are offered.

In case of traveling with a pet or guide dog, you must coordinate it previously with the airline.

For unaccompanied minors and the elderly, airlines offer special services, which consist of accompanying the passenger to the plane or wheelchair service.