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Chegadas aeroporto cidade do Mexico

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Recommendations when arriving at the Mexico City airport

  1. Hand luggage

    Don't forget your belongings from the aircraft.

  2. Connecting flights

    In case you are expecting a connecting flight and arrive in the early morning, the airport has 24-hour coffee options. If you come from another country and the connecting flight is national, you must collect your checked luggage (in case you have checked luggage) and carry out migrations. Otherwise, if your final destination is outside of Mexico, you will not have to migrate or pick up your checked bag.

  3. Checked baggage

    If Mexico City is your final destination and you have checked luggage, go to the baggage claim area and look for the carousel that corresponds to your flight. In some cases, there may be two flights sharing the same carousel. If your luggage is missing, go to the counter of your airline or ask for advice from the airport staff.

  4. Migrations

    If you are coming from an international flight and Mexico City is your final destination or, as said above, you have a domestic connection, follow the signs for migration and passport control. Also have your health affidavit and vaccination certificate at hand (if you have it).

  5. Arrivals area

    Already, in the public area if a private driver is waiting for you, they will surely be with a sign and your name. If you have to look for a taxi, only look for the authorized ones and not those that a stranger can offer you.

  6. FAQs

    For other queries, check the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions made by passengers.